Report Compiler Library License 1.0 Summary

This is a human-readable summary of the license which highlights some of the features of the license but is not a substitute for reading and understanding the license.  You need to review all of the terms of the license before deciding to license content to others using the license and/or before using licensed content.

You are free to:

Use – the content can be freely used in your own reports.

Adapt – edit the content to suit the needs of your report.

Under the following conditions:

Subscription – you must be a current Report Compiler subscriber in good standing at the time you use the licensed content or an adaption of the licensed content in a new work.

License – you are not required to share your adaptions of the licensed content but if you choose to share it you must do so under this same license.

You are not required to:

Attribution – you are not required to give any credit or attribution to the licensor of the content.

Share – you are not required to share your adaptions of the licensed content.


No warranties are given.  You assume full responsibility for your use of the licensed content.

Please read the license and be sure to understand the terms and conditions of the license before using it to license content to or from others.